About us

Our Philosophy


"You must be stylish to measure the time"

Some think that the watch is only a timepiece; but no: The watch is an important accessory, part of your adornment. Your choice of watch reveals your personal style, your personality, even though the watch’s practical aspect remains unchanged – it is to tell time.
People with style display it most evidently in their clothing and accessories. Very often they are not able to find a timepiece that suits their style. Style is caught up with time, something that needs to be reflected.

Bel2c Lagom Black Minimalistic Unisex Watch on Leather Jacket

We know that you want to be on time and do so with style, with a stylish timepiece – a beautiful watch. You want to feel “The pleasure and beauty of moving on time” - and in style.
Our watch is your solution: On Time, Style, Quality, Beauty, Character, all on your wrist!



Our Story


"Time is precious; do not waste it"



Simply put, this amazing watch is the result of our desire “to create a product truly superlative in every way.”

Bel2c Lagom Silver Minimalistic Unisex Watch on Jeans Jacket

Elvis and Besi were friends from college who had some important aspirations in common. Elvis was living and studying in Italy, Besi in Austria. They knew that their different backgrounds could come into play to create a product that would be widely acceptable. Besi’s interests lie with e-commerce, and for many years he has wanted to be fully involved in that field. Elvis knew, too, about the huge potential of e-commerce, and it was inevitable that the two friends combine their business interests.
The result of their partnership is this amazing instrument, a watch that not only tells its owner the time but tells others something about the style and the character of the person who is wearing it.



Our Values

"A timeless watch"


● As your major goal, we want to offer character, style, accessibility, and uniqueness – all that in combination with the fairest pricing.
●We assure our customers a long-lasting, quality accessory, a product that exactly suits their expectations of style and class.


●We intend to finance an annual humanitarian or environmental project that will benefit society in general. When you purchase this watch, you are contributing to those initiatives, and their progress will be posted and explained on our website.



Bel2c is a registered company in Rome with VAT 14411021000